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Tweet This jersey foul comes to us from reader @captain9nyr who wonders if there was a wedding between Brandon Dubinsky and Marc Staal that nobody told us about. And why did they keep Staal’s number 18? Perhaps it lends insight into who would be the man in the relationship. Sorry Brandon.

Tweet I’m staying in Toronto this week for work so I couldn’t avoid watching the Maple Leafs mathematically eliminate themselves from the playoffs. As luck would have it, a reader named Michael actually went to the game and managed to snap this shot for us. He included the following comment: After missing the playoffs for…»

Tweet Still haven’t decided if Jeremy Lin is the real thing or if Linsanity is just a fad? No problem, we’ve got the perfect jersey for those unwilling to commit (or just too cheap to get a proper jersey)

Tweet This probably isn’t the best thing to wear when trying to adopt a puppy.

Tweet Today’s Jersey Foul comes to us from reader Derrick. I’ll let him explain it in his own words: Found these two idiots at the NY Giants game a few weeks ago. They were way too excited about being at the game in general (clearly had not gone to a NFL game previously), but the…»

Tweet Football season is back in full swing, and with that comes the influx of stupid jerseys. It’s one thing to own a terrible jersey foul, it’s another thing to have a jersey foul custom made, but it’s even worse to try and pawn off your foul on somebody else. Today’s jersey foul comes courtesy…»

Tweet Saw this ebay auction in a tweet by @scottyhockey I don’t know what’s worse. The Jersey foul itself, the fact that somebody paid $140 for it originally, or the fact that he admits it was a grown man who ordered the #69 on his custom jersey. Thankfully nobody has yet bid on this jersey…»

Tweet Today’s jersey foul is really a link to tapeleg’s blog where he points out a sakic jersey that’s missing an obvious element. Perhaps this guy was buying it on the installment plan? Next time he might want to pick a rookie – increasing the chances that his player won’t retire before he finally completes…»

Tweet Because nothing says “I’m Irish” like a Cabrera jersey. I’ve never understood why people make special St Patricks day jerseys anyway. Of course, if I had to pick one player who most likely celebrates a holiday dedicated to binge drinking, it would definitely have to be Miguel Cabrera. So I guess it’s only a…»