Dec 11

Olindo Sage Foul

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Today’s Jersey Foul comes to us from reader Derrick. I’ll let him explain it in his own words:

Olindo Sage Jersey Foul

Found these two idiots at the NY Giants game a few weeks ago. They were way too excited about being at the game in general (clearly had not gone to a NFL game previously), but the best part was their “matching” jerseys, with two first names on the back of their jersey – one of them no longer on the team (“Olindo”). Funny enough, “Sage” was back on the team for the game because of the injury to Chad Henne, but only because he had gotten picked up days before. Of course, he was then placed on the non-football-injury list before the game, so that’s even more hilarious. The guy in the pic definitely bought the jersey years ago . . .

Oh, and they were so proud of their jerseys, that they were excited for me to take their pictures from the back. Classic.

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