Jan 11


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Today’s first jersey foul comes to us from Detroit – because that’s where I live and I go to lots of Wings games. It’s also a sign that we need more submissions. So start sending pictures of offending jerseys to photos@jerseyfoul.com or hit up on twitter: @jerseyfoul with a link and description. We’ll gladly link back to your twitter page or blog. The 2nd one is kind of sort of Detroit related, so I couldn’t really not throw it in could I?

Hey Penguins fans, I know most of you are only bandwagon fans who have no idea what icing actually is, but come on people. A football jersey has no place at a hockey game. What’s that old saying? Wearing a football jersey to a hockey game is like bringing Michael Vick to a dog race. It’s not a good idea. To his credit, at least it was a Pittsburgh vs. Detroit game.

On to part two. Yes Shanahan played for the Rangers, and seeing how he recently retired I’m hesitant to call foul, but what the hell is this thing? I’ll also give a pass to the lady in the Gretzky jersey next to him because, well, he’s Gretzky.


Keep those submissions coming, or I’m going to have to keep attending Detroit sports events – and nobody wants to go to a Pistons game.

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